There is no clear legal framework for a child born to a non-Bahamian in terms of Bahamian citizenship. This particularly affects a growing Haitian community.

Haitian nationals have been migrating to and settling in The Bahamas for hundreds of years. However, the presence of Haitians in The Bahamas has been an ever-increasing cause for concern. In 1963, the Haitian community accounted for 3.2% of the population; in 2000 it represented 7.1% and wasnumerically the largest migrant group in The Bahamas. The relatively high numbers of Haitian migrants on some Bahamian islands have raised fears that The Bahamas is being overwhelmed by this group; in some enumeration districts Haitian nationals account for more than 20% of the population. In common with migrant groups elsewhere, a stigma has become attached to being a Haitian migrant in The Bahamas. From The Stigma of Being “Haitian” in The Bahamas

Key: Haitian descendents born in Bahamas should get citizenship an interview with The Tribune, Mr Key slammed successive governments for failing to address the long-standing immigration issue that has led to the marginalisation of a large group of people as scapegoats of labour. Mr Key said: These people, particularly the people that live in the Mud and Pigeon Peas, thats my constituency. These are people that have children born there now who are doctors, lawyers, defense force officers, police, nurses. They make a contribution and I blame all the governments for the situation they have to live in. Key: Haitian descendents born in Bahamas should get citizenship

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